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Most radio training programs are focused on individuals who want to become full time professional radio hosts and DJs. We at Radio Coaches recognize that most business owners are not (and don’t want to be) professional radio broadcasters, rather, they simply want to use a radio show to promote their products and services. They understand that a weekly show can help listeners get to know them and ultimately turn them into customers. The problem is there has never been training available for business owners until now: enter Radio Coaches.

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Turn Listeners into Customers with Our Radio Training Program
1.Radio Coaches offers a practical, concentrated and focused training program specifically designed to help NON RADIO professionals get on the air with a successful radio show. This is done via our free, online, on demand video library. Subjects include: on air speaking tips, what to do if you run out of things to say, how to handle callers, using guests and co-hosts, how to get guests and advertisers to pay for your show, turning listeners into customers and many more.
2.We work with the business owner and radio station to design the best show arrangement for the host. This includes when the show should air, number of ad spots, live or prerecorded, on site or remote, and any other specifics.
3.We provide ongoing live, one on one access to a seasoned radio professional who is dedicated to the success of your show. This is normally done via telephone or email. Your coach will get to know you and your show and is focused on making that show as successful as it can be. When you work with Radio coaches, you will always have years of experience at your fingertips.
In summary, Radio Coaches provides the training, skills and confidence you need to make your show a success, all this at no cost to you! If you’d like to learn more about how Radio Coaches can help jump start your business, complete the host questionnaire below and let’s get started!

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Radio Coaches Long Form Radio Advertising Training

Radio Coaches helps business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs grow their business by teaching them how to create and host their own weekend radio show.



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