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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions about Radio Coaches, our service and our coaches. If you don't see your question below, please contact us using the information in the sidebar.

There are literally thousands of companies that can grow their business by using a radio show. Almost any company or professional that serves retail clients can benefit. These include professionals such as financial advisors, medical professionals, realtors and mortgage brokers, home service professionals such as air conditioning companies, automobile repair shops and lawn and garden companies. Retail companies such as health and wellness companies, nutrition and sporting goods and outdoor retailers can also host very successful shows. The list is truly endless.
Although we’ve had listeners call in literally after the first show, we tell new hosts to give it about 6 months before you measure the success of the show. Think of it this way; when a listener hears your show, it’s unlikely they need your service or product that day. Usually it’s down the road, when their pet gets sick or their air conditioner breaks. The first few month are important to building up local name recognition and reputation. So if you don’t get an immediate response, don’t worry!
We hear this question a lot, and it’s less of a problem than many new hosts think. First, we’ve found that since the host knows their business well, there is usually plenty to talk about. Most often one conversation leads to another and before you know it time is up. Secondly, most listeners don’t tune in the entire hour; usually it’s on their way to the hardware store or to the kids soccer game. So even if you repeat yourself, most people don’t hear it and if they do, the repetition usually helps them understand the subject matter that much better. We’ve seen scores of successful radio hosts that cover the same subject week after week. That said, we usually recommend new hosts start by prerecording the show before going live. (many hosts have successful shows and never go live) This allows them to “take a break” if they lose their place or get stumped as to the next subject to talk about. Your coach will be able to assist you in determining when/if you want to go live.
The best news is that it costs you nothing! Both your initial training and your ongoing coaching is included at no additional cost as part of your radio contract. Local radio stations know that a well trained, confident radio host from Radio Coaches.com is the type of person they want for their station. Successful hosts stay longer and provide consistency in their weekend lineup. It’s a win win situation!
Traditional radio training programs, whether a college degree program or a paid radio school, cater to aspiring radio professionals, talk show hosts, DJs, etc. Radio Coaches is different. RC trains NON RADIO professionals to be able to put together an interesting, well done show, whose goal is to showcase your company. We understand you don’t want to become a professional host, you want to grow your business. Our program consists of several short, succinct videos focusing on different parts of the radio show, and a live coach to help make your show better, This enables you to get on the air fast and quickly generate new revenue for your business.

1.Complete and submit the online host questionnaire. We will contact you and set up a discovery call to better understand your needs and present the radio station specifics.

2.If, after your call, you feel like this could be a great opportunity to grow your business, we will introduce you to the radio station contact and your personal coach that you would be working with.

3.When you decide to start your radio show, you will be given access to the Radio Coaches online video training classes. At this time you will be required to start the show payments. Also during this time your coach will be working closely with you to get you up and running right away.

4.Once you are up and running, you and your coach will maintain close contact to assist you with any aspect of the show.

Complete the online questionnaire and let us know the best time to contact you. We will follow up with you right away!

Radio Coaches Long Form Radio Advertising Training

Radio Coaches helps business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs grow their business by teaching them how to create and host their own weekend radio show.



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